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3rd Wave is a business consultancy, covering training, software development and business solutions.  We help you align technology and people with business drivers.

We are focused on business transformation and our relationship with technology.  Our world is changing!  At the 3rd Wave we understand what this means to businesses today, enabling us to help organisations align their processes, technology, people and thinking for the world of tomorrow.  The 3rd Wave provides a range of services to the media & publishing industry, covering product selection & implementation, business process transformation & digital transitioning.

The decision makers of today have grown up in a digital world and have a totally different perspective.  No longer are they just adopting technology to improve efficiency, communications and quality of life.  They are adapting technology to change the world!

The 3rd Wave represents “adaption” or change, which follows “invention” and “adoption”.  Adaption is more than how the technology evolves, but rather what it is used for.  There are many examples, though one we all will be familiar with is the smartphone.  Yes, the technology is improving incrementally, though its uses are expanding exponentially.   Interestingly enough, work started on the tablet before the phone, which was put on the shelf so that the phone could be completed & released 1st, where there was an established need.  This certainly accelerated the adoption of the tablet.   The smartphone and the tablet have reached the 3rd Wave & are being used more creatively than could ever have been imagined.

The question is “How can you be ready for the unknown?”. Let the 3rd Wave help you with that question!