Seventy per cent of business transformations are viewed as failures, a figure that has rung true for at least the last decade.   Why then do businesses and individuals alike continue to try and effect transformation in the same tired silo’d way? Why are IT, process re-engineering and change management (as in people change) routinely looked at as separate things not part of a whole?

An organisation is a system; as such one part of the system can’t be changed without, however unintentionally, creating change in another. If you are going to create change anyway why not own it in its entirety, set the pace and take the driving seat.   A holistic approach to transformation is what is needed. Understand where the market place is going, how customers’ worlds are changing and get to understand where the organisation is best placed to succeed in future and then, and only then, work with employees to understand how people, processes and IT need to evolve and change to best work together to deliver.   Get employees involved from the vision and strategy through to implementation, ensure that they play an active part in the journey and have skin in the game.

This isn’t new wisdom, just little used in business today. Columella, A Roman Estate Owner in 100 AD had it nailed as his quote testifies

“Now a days I make it a practice to call estate workers into consultation on any new work…I observe they are more willing to set about a piece of work on which their opinions have been asked and their advice followed……”

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