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Lesson Learned

A Lesson Learned

Business lessons come from the most unexpected places.

I recently learnt a very important lesson when reflecting on the progress I had made with my horse in the eight years I have owned him.

I bought Dabs at four with great potential for endurance. However our path together hasn’t always been easy. A faulty saddle saw a year of lameness and a riding accident resulted in a further 8 months off, then Dabs to fell foul of ulcers. The outside world was constantly changing too. The economic crisis happened and the digital world began.   Business was hard to find, so new skills and ways of working were learnt to overcome new challenges. Throughout everything Dabs and I stuck to doing the right things to improve, overcoming our hurdles one by one, always with an eye to the future. Today we are still on our journey, Dabs is happy, his body is in excellent condition, people are commenting on what a talented dressage team we are and, although I would never sell him, his financial value has increased considerably.

So what you may ask? Well, I think my experience with Dabs very much reflects the experiences I have had in business both my own and businesses I’ve helped. Things do take much longer than we would like, the wider world changes and our paths have to change or diversify as a result. This doesn’t mean that we have been doing the wrong things it just means that that is how life is and sometimes things just need to change. In business we must become more agile and adaptable, keep on moving forward regardless of what hits us, doing the right things in the right way, creating a well balanced, valid business, which overtime will continue to flourish.

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