3rd Wave have added the Qualifio data collection platform to its SaaS portfolio, complementing its digital advertising platform (iPublish).  Now not only can you create multi-channel advertising, you can capture the data to target it!

The Qualifio platform allows publishers to collect data on their digital audiences to better engage, qualify, segment and monetise them. How? Through the easy creation and publication of interactive and viral content (quizzes, contests, personality tests, polls and 50+ types of formats) on all their digital channels.


What can Qualifio do for you?

Empower all your teams. Fast and easy.

  • Advertising Sales Team: Offer advertisers innovative branded content packages on multiple channels, seamlessly integrated into your editorial content and totally unaffected by ad blockers
  • Marketing & Data/CRM teams: Collect tons of GDPR-compliant opt-ins, grow your digital communities both on your website and your social media
  • Newsroom & Digital Content Teams: Bring more interactivity and virality to content and increase your KPIs
  • DPO: Gain total control over all personal data collection activities across your organisation
  • Circulation: Collect initial qualification data, verify your readership and engage them in additional collection activities

If you would like to know more, contact the 3rd Wave for additional information.

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