“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.” – Henry Ford

Software implementations are typically undertaken by a combination of internal staff and services provided by the product vendor or value added re-sellers (VARs).  Vendors & VARs have a deep knowledge of the product and are usually best place to provide RICE services:-

  • Reporting – operational reporting, business intelligence and the creation of “actionable” data.  Often they will provide “out of the box reporting” and adapt it to the specific needs of the customer
  • Implementation – training, installation & configuration
  • Conversion – receipt of data in a standard format, data importing & validation
  • Extension – bespoke software enhancements and extensions, interfaces

The 3rd Wave usually recommends that these services are owned by the vendor/VAR, as they impact initial/ongoing support.  They are also on the critical path of the roll-out.

The customer is usually expected to undertake:-

  • Overall project management
  • Vendor management
  • Secondary training
  • Creation of a 1st line support operation
  • Hardware/cloud commissioning
  • 3rd Party management
  • Business analysis/requirement definition for reporting & extension
  • QA/Testing
  • Ongoing implementation services (training, configuration, desktop roll-out)
  • Network management – ensuring the solution will perform in their own environment
  • Security
  • Data extraction and manipulation into specified format for conversion
  • User documentation – how the final solution works in the customers environment
  • Management of scope creep.  Many projects are delayed due to missing features, identified during the implementation process.  These need to be put through rigorous change control, as they will have an impact on project timelines

You may have staff that have the capacity & skills to undertake some or all of these tasks, though our experience is, that they are usually underestimated.  There is a reliance on staff taking on work, in addition to their day-job.  This is a recipe for failure, resulting in an unhappy vendor & customer.  Not the best way to start a long-term relationship.

The 3rd Wave can help in 2-ways.  During (or shortly after) the selection process, we can help you fully understand what will be expected of you, create a realistic plan with estimates.  If there are resource/skill gaps, we can either help you directly or make recommendations on how they can be filled.

Software adoption is paramount and will only happen if expectations are set correctly and met by the overall project team.