Are you looking to introduce or replace software systems within your company?  Have you decided whether you are going to buy a product, build your own solution or use & extend a platform?

Regardless of where you are in this process, the 3rd Wave can help you with all or part of it, avoiding the pitfalls!  Software selection is far reaching and too frequently decisions are made purely on immediate needs & perceived benefits, without establishing:-


  • Return on investment
  • “True” implementation costs & realistic timescales, including the activities that staff will need to undertake
  • Long term cost of ownership
  • Technology validation – “future-proofing”
  • Layered costs – databases, report writing tools, payment gateways
  • Application validation – “does it do what it says on the tin?”
  • Ability to adapt to new market needs, without destabilising the business
  • Product life-cycle – “are we an early adopter, what can we expect?”
  • Ownership of intellectual property, extensions & enhancements
  • Support responsibilities (1st line & 2nd line), response times, escalation
  • Compliance, SOX, GDPR, PCI…
  • Security risks & adherence to online standards
  • Integration testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Scale/load/network testing

How can the 3rd Wave hep you?

It is probable that you will have some of the considerations covered.   The 3rd Wave can help validate your selection process, then implement all or part of it, from requirement to procurement , including:-

  • Documenting the project goals
  • Creation of selection project mandate
  • Creation of process maps
  • Requirement gathering & validation
  • Creation of “Request for Information” (RFI)
  • Selection of initial vendor pool
  • Vendor presentation management
  • Initial vendor/product analysis, resulting in narrowed vendor pool
  • Creation of “Request for Pricing” (RFP), including services
  • Customer/user visits
  • Vendor selection
  • Detailed vendor/product analysis (some/all of the elements above)
  • Final vendor/product selection
  • Contract negotiation and finalisation

After you have selected the right vendor/product and determined the project is viable & will deliver the required benefits, an implementation program needs to be established.  The 3rd Wave can help you with that to!