Are you a trade publisher with controlled circulation titles? 

Is your online application & verification process GDPR compliant?  NO, then we can help you!

3rd Wave offers a SaaS-based registration process for a simple monthly fee per title.  Provide us with your publication information, application questions and we will have you up and running in days.

3rd Wave Subscriptions utilises HubSpot CRM to store your subscription data securely.  We will configure HubSpot CRM for your internal users, enabling them to:

  • Extract new applications and verifications
  • Produce issue labels & files
  • Answer customer service queries
  • Apply terms of control
  • Change customer details
  • Produce email campaigns (events, verifications)
  • Manage rental lists
  • Provide sales support information (demographic counts)

Self-Serve Registration

The online registration process can be used by the reader and internal staff processing telephone & printed applications.  See LIVE DEMONSTRATION

Add an In Page Form for Each Publication

By adding a link to each publication on your website, you can add an in page registration form.  The reader only needs to register once and create an account.  They can then subscribe to multiple publications.

Click on a publication below for a registration demonstration.  If you already have an account you will be asked to login,  A common account & delivery address is maintained across all publications that the reader receives.

Subscribe to Aggregates Business
Subscribe to ITS International
Subscribe to World Highways


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Manage your readership data
Select readers, produce advertising sales counts, export mailing lists

What will FREE HubSpot CRM provide you?

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