Self-Serve Subscriptions


Are you magazine publisher with controlled circulation or paid titles? 

Is your online application & verification process GDPR compliant? 

Can your readers manage their own subscriptions, accounts, applications/verification’s/orders/renewals, without impact/cost to your circulation department/bureau?

Are you maximizing the number of applications/orders & readership retention?

NO, then we can help you!

3rd Wave offers a SaaS-based registration and circulation management solution for a simple monthly fee per title.  Provide us with your publication information, application questions and we will have you up and running in days.

3rd Wave Subscriptions utilises HubSpot CRM to store your subscription data securely.  We will configure HubSpot CRM for your internal users, enabling them to:

  • Extract new applications and verifications
  • Produce issue labels & files
  • Answer customer service queries
  • Apply terms of control
  • Change customer details
  • Produce email campaigns (events, verifications)
  • Manage rental lists
  • Provide sales support information (demographic counts)

Self-Serve Registration

The online registration process can be used by the reader and internal staff processing telephone & printed applications. 

The publisher can configure the workflow, questions, publications, look & feel, verification emails, terms of control and formats. The system can delivered in any language and support both BPA & ABC audits.

This is not just a registration process, but the source of the circulation data, enabling the reader to maintain their account (distribution details), add in additional formats, e-letters & verify/part-verify their information, significantly reducing interaction with the circulation departments call center. Supported by a strong CRM system, the publisher can track readers across their digital magazine portfolio and engage with them meaningfully. Whether you use a bureau or an in-house team, the 3rd Wave can help you improve efficiency and the quality of your readership engagement, maximizing the value to your advertisers and reducing your internal costs.


Self-Serve Account Management & Verification

Not only can the reader register their initial application or order, they can also manage their account, delivery address, personal details and subscriptions.  They are kept up to date with the stage of their application(s) and whether they have been successful.

The reader will receive a verification email, containing a link to their account. This enables them to seamlessly verify their information, automatically placing controlled circulation applications in the Terms of Control workflow. This also provides the opportunity to convert non-qualified readership to paid.

Changes to their qualification status (by the circulation team) are reflected immediately on the readers account and issue selection process.

In addition to magazines, readers can also register an interest in trade exhibitions, supplements and other products.

As the readers do not need to reenter account information when applying for additional magazines or when verifying their current subscriptions, the number of new applications and overall retention can be increased.

Add an In Page registration process to your own website

By adding a link to each publication on your website, you can add an In Page registration form.  The reader only needs to register once and create an account.  They can then subscribe to multiple publications.

Click on the link below for a registration/integration demonstration. The In Page form can easily be added to any website and configured for your publications. (please note, this has been added to a simple demo page, so that you web team can see how to integrate it with your website). When the demo page opens, click on the publication to start the registration process.
If you already have an account you will be asked to login.  A common account & delivery address is maintained across all publications that the reader receives.


Take Paid Orders & Convert Non-Qualified Readers

Setup rates, take payments, convert non-qualified readership to paid without direct interaction with your call center.

Whether you have an in-house circulation department or use a bureau, 3rd Wave subscriptions can capture your orders, bill them and providing the reader with a total self-serve solution. You can either integrate with your existing fulfillment system or manage your readership directly within FREE HubSpot CRM. 3rd Wave subscriptions utilizes Worldpay for online e-commerce transactions, providing you with a simple SaaS based solution to manage your financial transactions (payments & refunds), without worrying about storing the customers credit cards or personal details.

View all of your new orders in one place, including failed payments & refunds

Data Migration & Implementation

As many know who have gone through subscription implementations, a challenging part is data migration. This is a simple four step process. Select what you want to import (companies, contacts, deals/orders), upload your spreadsheets, map the fields & wait for the results of the import. This process can be used on an on-going basis to upload new prospect lists, update records when other ERP/subscription systems are being used (or a subscription bureau). This approach enables you to unleash the power of HubSpot and 3rd Wave Subscriptions, without the immediate replacement of your existing back-office systems.

With an intuitive user interface, user adoption will be rapid, with minimal training.

The rest of the implementation comprises of product set-up and styling of the self-serve web pages, typically completed within a few days.

Qualification Questions, PIQ’s, Part-Verification

Collect your qualification information – questions, personal identifiers, share data across publications, present information to reader to verify without re-entry.

All data collected can be made available to CRM users for selections, counts, issue label building, advertising support, insert splitting and list rentals. Opt-In indicators are collected during registration to ensure that the data is used inline with with the readers permitted use.

Shared questions are re-verified on subsequent applications, entering the terms of control workflow. Verification periods are retained to enabling mailing of re-verification links.

Dashboards & Reporting

Do you have meaningful control over your own data?

Do you know how readers are responding to campaigns, when, where and why?

Are you able to direct your circulation, sales & marketing activities based on real information?

Implementing a CRM solution at the center of you subscription system, rather than as an add-on provides you with that capability. Intuitive dashboards, sales & marketing driven features which place the customer at the center of all communications and interactions.

Empower your Advertising Sales Teams

Providing your sales team the tools to access detailed information, wherever they are truly empowers them.

While having well defined terms of control is important, there is nothing as compelling as being able to answer detailed questions, provide accurate counts and show the buyer the quality of your list. Your circulation and event attendees can be made available to your sales team. A powerful tool when selling advertising in any form. As well as accessing directly collected information provided by the reader, the solution will enhance the information with 3rd party data, enabling the salesperson to demonstrate an impressive & complete grasp of your readership. The information can be accessed anywhere on an Smart App or on a laptop. Combining this with your advertising prospects and clients, from the same system, allows your team to make a real connection between buyers and sellers for all of your products (subscriptions, advertising, events, one off merchandise).

Collect data on the move! Whether you are at an event, with an advertiser or a supplier collect their information and add it to the CRM database.

Data collection is often inaccurate or simply not done. NOW there is no reason for this. Simply scan business cards and they will be stored in the database, as will all communication with the contact (emails, meetings, telephone calls & deals).

One central repository for all customers which also contains the readers that they are interested in, provides a single view off everyone you interact with & not just your customers.


For growing companies of any size. Set the foundation for your business with a free system to build deeper relationships with contacts, from first interaction to happy customer and beyond.

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