“Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” – Thomas Edison 

Technology is shaping our lives at a pace that is surpassing most predictions.  This is because the barriers to using technology are dissolving.  It has become accessible and affordable to the masses, creating opportunity for everyone to develop their ideas.  In turn this is resulting in individuals turning their ideas into products, resulting in unforeseen competition.  If enough individuals “try”, some of them will succeed.

It is this thinking that startups to Fortune 500 companies need to adopt.  Bureaucracy, cost justification, precise deliverables should be minimal & the creative people need to be empowered and trusted to innovate.  The measure of success is the commercial result!

The 3rd Wave can help organisations engender this thinking, resulting in a cultural step change.  While consultancy is important, it must lead to practical actions, of which technology plays a large part.  To that end, the 3rd Wave has partnered with an offshore software development company, enabling fast & cost effective delivery of both prototypes and production ready solutions.  They have a range of prestigious clients, including:


Working with the 3rd Wave will allow your creators to innovate, produce results, validate ideas, without committing to long-term business plans or significant budgets.  Not all ideas work or are commercially viable, though our stepped approach will improve the likelihood of success!

Early validation saves both time and expense, though more importantly allows you to exploit viable ideas and increase market opportunity.

The 3rd Wave has a stepped approach to success:-

  • Provide soundboard to your creators
  • Document ideas in a manner than can be understood by business owners & software developers
  • Develop a staged plan, which includes:-
    • Fast development of working prototype
    • Market testing
    • Evaluation of marketing testing, with recommendations
    • Establish final technical architecture
    • Delivery of production ready solution
    • Roll out and implementation
    • Ongoing support, success monitoring and enhancement

Our technology partner was selected due to their proven track record, agility, scalability, reliability, quality and diverse technical skills.  This enables the 3rd Wave to deliver the following technical services:-

  • Mobile development
  • Internet development
  • Cloud solutions
  • Enterprise solution development
  • Microsoft solution development
  • Adobe solution development
  • Integration & interfacing
  • Business intelligence
  • Performance/load testing
  • Technical product assessment
  • Vendor management
  • QA/Test automation

The 3rd Wave relies on your success and all recommendations & advice is driven by this sole objective.

David Montgomery
David Montgomery

“Validating a business idea ‘through prototyping’ before investing heavily in software or bespoke development, not only helps avoid false development paths, it helps improve the original idea.  It also provides the business the opportunity to fully understand how they operationalise it.  I have personally been involved in a number of  such projects, though one in particular illustrates this point.  The clients business objective was to grow the ‘long tail’ of the service they provided, through the implementation of a self-serve online solution.  Principally the idea was solid, though after creation of the prototype, it was clear that their customers preferred to pick up the phone rather than use the web site.  As the software was in prototype form, they had the opportunity to change it, measure results & determine how to effectively change their customers behavior.  This was iterative, with lessons being learned with each step.  This agile approach enabled the ‘best business outcome’ and didn’t just satisfy the ‘original business need’.  I fully recommend, whenever you are stepping into the unknown & technology plays a significant part, that this approach is adopted.”